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Silica Sand

Laramie, Wyoming - Over 100 Million Tons!

Silica Sand Reserve for Sale

Key Minerals owns an excellent mineral source of silica sand. This means we own the mineral rights and provide you with a location worth mining for lease or sale. Now that we have your interest, we will help you identify the proper equipment needed to produce your purchased minerals into a salable product. We are the key to processing your minerals with success! Use our Services, Use our Consulting, or Purchase and do it worth your own Team.

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Our niche is frac sand and mineral consulting. Driving efficiency and lowering the bottom line is a pillar to a successful business. We use Continuous Flow Processing (CFP) to deliver a complete solution from start to finish. Operations with Key Minerals is based on knowledge of all existing sand processing facilities and other mineral processing markets. We have discovered what we call the Unicorn site through years of experience and relationships with industry-leading professionals in equipment processing. Key Minerals Exploration LLC is pleased to present to you the Laramie Silica Sand Mine (LSSM) project. The LSSM was discovered in 2019 by Key Minerals Exploration, LLC. Key Minerals did the testing of sand. Testing showed an 8K, 50-140 cut was the overwhelming high-quality regional sand product for the Rocky Mountain Sector. This is also known as a 100-mesh product, the most used sand in Shale Fracking. There is a 200-mesh product that is naturally occurring within this reserve as well. Leasing has been completed, and eight-core holes were drilled in October 2019 in three sections (10,15, and 16). Core Hole analysis (included) shows that nearly seventy-five feet of Silica sand are present. The sand in place on just one 640-acre section has been placed at a reserve estimate of approximately 100-million tons.

Key Minerals is A World Leader For Implementing Innovation In Finding Minerals, Processing, Draining, Water Recovery, Drying, and Sourcing Efficient Delivery For Minerals Or Aggregates.

The property is adjacent to Hwy 287 and within a quarter mile of Rail on the Union Pacific. All Utilities are on or very accessible to the leased property. This mine can easily supply three major Oil and Gas Basins on the Rocky Mountain Sector.

Mine Location

16 miles South of Laramie, WY.
on US Highway 287

Near Basins

LSSM is located near three active Oil & Gas Basins.


Laramie Map Location