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The Regional Sales Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily and long-term sales operations of the company across a specific geographic region. As a Regional Sales Manager, you will often be responsible for setting and adjusting sales goals based on a deep knowledge of individual selling patterns. Additionally, you will be responsible for overseeing the training of managers, and assistant managers in the region s/he is responsible for. We are looking to hire a passionate, self-motivated Regional Sales Manager to regularly visit sites within the region to ensure that sales strategies are being instituted and that sales goals are being met. The Regional Sales Manager’s responsibilities include evaluating the work done by managers, training sales teams and analyzing sales trends. To become a successful Regional Sales Manager, you should be motivated and driven towards meeting sales goals. A high-performing Regional Sales Manager should possess the ability to suggest innovative ways to reach sales targets.
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Passion is defined as a very powerful feeling. Key Minerals is extremely passionate about our customers' success!


Product, defined as a substance manufactured or refined for sale. Key Minerals is dedicated to providing products that customers need


People or person is not only a being that has certain attributes such as reason and consciousness, people are who we seek to help.

Key Minerals is dedicated to educating the world to implement new technologies in all mining practices. Our goal is to create long term sustainability for every country. We are looking forward to a long-term commitment to teaching our target market the best solutions to reducing environmental impacts and driving a low cost of manufacturing. “We are committed to delivering a complete solution to continuous flow processing (CFP) from start to finish.”

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