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Portable WIP Drain

WIP Drain offers containment and provides a path for Liquids to a discharge area. With the start of a heavy-duty liner that is combined with special drainage products including filter and media that drains Liquid, and non-solids from Products. WIP Drain allows all passing filtered Liquid also be recycled or reused. The environmental purposes implemented with a WIP Drain installation are significant. Includes Drive Over Panel.


Portable WIP Drain a complete system encumbering portable drainage module and protective full coverage drive over panel (WIP DOP). Portable WIP Drain is a manufactured drainage subgrade that can be installed at any site.  This system will provide you the following:

  • Fast drainage of minerals.
  • Less stacking equipment.
  • Less Yellow Iron.
  • Less handling.
  • Small footprint.
  • Work In Process (WIP) pile is reduced significantly.
  • Major fuel bill savings.
  • Cleaner job site without puddles everywhere.
  • Water recovery.
  • Fines waste handling management.
  • Reduced reclamation costs.
  • Dry product flat storage.
  • Dryer fuel costs.
  • Much more sunken costs in savings!

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