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Key Agriculture

Key Agriculture

Farming needs a paradigm shift as growers revitalize a 100-year-old technology by revolutionizing the use of innovative equipment such as Key Minerals WIP Drain to drain moisture from the product quickly at a lower cost per ton. Key Minerals WIP Drain prevents spoils from a raw product to a finished product. Key Dryer Solutions then takes over the process by drying the product, taking the worry out of collecting unwanted moisture. Key Agriculture is a turn-key solution from the harvest to the sale. From sizing unwanted materials, bulk material handling, drying storage options and bagging. Key Minerals can provide individualized equipment or the entire solution for your needs.

Key Minerals for Agricultural applications provides equipment for farmers and horticulturalist to who are tired of losing harvest yields to spoilage. WIP Drain, a passive draining structural floor apparatus for agricultural storage to deplete moisture from harvest piles. Agriculturalist love our product because it reduces spoilage. WIP Drain is modified and sold under the name Smart WIP Box for intelligent growth of plants and WIP Box, a non-intelligent version for vegetation growth. We provide industrial dryers made to dry substantial amounts of aggregates. The dryers sold are scaled down to dry agricultural products to allow farmers to dehydrate collected produce for finalized yield and storage. Need More? Key Minerals provides dry storage facilities and bagging solutions. Key Minerals Agriculture product lines and services deliver a centralized cultivating, drainage, harvesting, and storage environment for small to large plants. Drain your way to increased profits!

WIP Drain

WIP-DRAIN™ is a passive draining structural floor apparatus. WIP Drain will give you the security that recovery and recycling of water will bring while reducing costs. Your agricultural stockpiles will drain faster, and your company will cut down on capital expenditures and generate a faster use of produced material with less on-site storage.

Smart WIP Box Powered by Ai Grow

Smart WIP Box is the “Smart Phone” for Farmers! The Key Minerals Smart WIP Box turns farming into a precise science.

Key Minerals WIP Box

WIP Box is the “Garden in a Box!” Now everyone can take advantage of Gardening at Home

Water Brings Beauty to Your Property

We Guide You Through the Entire Process

Using modern advances in next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, and biotechnology, some plant growing programs are going to be instrumental for increasing both success and yields. Not making the same investment in processing and equipment is counterintuitive. Let Key Minerals use Continuous Flow Processing (CFP) to take your harvest processing to the next level.



The volume of your crop is directly correlated to the size of your harvest team or equipment. If the crop is too sizable for the team of harvesters to cut and transport during the harvest, not only is manpower wasted, but the risk of loss in the quality of your crop due to mold, mildew, and bacteria surges significantly. Key Agriculture can rapidly upsize output processing sized to harvest demand.



The fastest way to reduce the quality of your crop is retaining moisture. As soon as the stalk is cut down moisture can start to destroy the harvest. Purge as much moisture from the stalk as possible. Otherwise, mold and mildew can grow rapidly and reduce the quality of your harvest. WIP Drain can be used to drain the product in storage then Key Dryer Solution will dry your products efficiently.



Dried produce can be stored in plastic garbage bags, plastic bins, or cotton sacks. Produce should be stored in a covered low moisture storage facility. After processing, product needs to dry out for a few days. Drying will occur while stored on Portable WIP Drains to promote faster drying, then thoroughly dried with a Key Dryer Solution. Once materials dry, it is baled by an automatic baler and tractor.

WIP Drain for Agriculture

Dewatering Produce

WIP Drain products offer water containment and provide a path for water to a discharge area. With the start of a heavy-duty liner that is combined with special drainage products including filter and media that drains water from proiduce. WIP Drain allows all passing filtered water to be recycled or reused. The environmental purposes implemented with a WIP Drain installation are significant. WIP Drain can be sized to any project need. Sight set up is simple for the Portable WIP Drain. The site will be graded at a three percent slope and flat.

Place Produce on WIP Drain before Drying

Key Minerals portable WIP Drain is a must. Several choose to hang the entire plant upside down like traditional tobacco. However, draining the plant using this method will allow for moisture build-up near the center of the plant. Hanging can also lead to mold and mildew growth making the plant less than desirable for production. Using WIP Drain, the plant can be rotated allowing drainage evenly across the plant. Key Agriculture provides finishing Drying Systems based on Rotary Thermal Dryers. Full systems include feed systems, parallel flow, and counterflow dryers (co-current and counter-current), primary cyclones, baghouses, and control systems.


Recovering water for reuse applications instead of using freshwater can be a water-saving measure.

When used water is eventually discharged through vegetation it is consumed by the earth but farmers can reuse the moisture along with unused fertilization chemicals back to the plants creating their own ecosystem make a smart decision.

Drying Delicute Produce

Careful consideration reveals there are an entire infrastructure that must be built to cultivate, harvest, condition, dry, and process industrial plants. You know how to grow it, and we will help you dry it and send it to storage. Achieving higher yields and better products bring more profit per acre for you. What Makes the Solution Better? Low heat drying: This is critical to maintaining terpene and cannabinoid profiles. With our system, you can adjust the gas temperature on the fly. The product temperature is continuously monitored and adjusted to the lowest temperature required for drying. Product temperatures as low as 120° F to 140° F still achieve drying rates down to 10%. Longer retention time: Our tests have shown the longer the dryer the better the plant production. Tarmac dryers have up to 60' of active shell drying, internal plants moisture has a better chance of being evaporated. Heavy veiling: The adjustable flights and variable speed shell rotation are set to provide the best airflow through your product veil. As a result, you achieve more efficient plant drying.

Trommel Infeed

The trommel screen is a screened cylinder used to separate materials by size, separating the biodegradable fraction of mixed municipal waste or separating mulch or crushed stone into different sizes. Based on many factors, production rates can range from 20 to 30 yards an hour to several hundred yards of material an hour. Trommel screens work best on dry material. Material that is too wet can stick together and clog the screen cloth, reducing production rates. Keeping your brushes correctly adjusted can help keep screen cloth clean and working correctly. When needing screening equipment for different material grades, such as soil, gravel, mulch, and sand, to be separated. These machines work great when working with dry material, even if bits and pieces are large in size.

Parallel Flow Dryers

1. Rotary dryers lift and “veil” the plant for the highest efficiency dryers available.

2. Low weight materials move better through a parallel flow dryer.

3. Parallel flow dryers are a good choice if high gas heat could impair or degrade the quality of the material to be dried.

Some materials must be gently heated and must never come in contact with the dryer’s flame. Combustion and overheating the plant destroys the quality of the product being dried. Tarmac has developed the “Air

Heater” where the burner flame is moved into a Combustion Chamber. The flame does not extend into the rotary dryer and dilution cooling air is introduced into the Air Heater. The resulting lower temperature warm gas enters the Rotary Dryer.

Dried Product Bagged For Sale

You have isolated each batch of dried material to control what’s going into the controlled storage space to avoid the possibility of contaminating plants already being stored inside. You have accounted for climate considerations to be a constant 10% moisture content for long-term storage. You have acknowledged the value of being able to keep plants dry in a climate-controlled, low-humidity storage environment. You have the ideal storage environment in mind, one that must be without mold because mold can contaminate an entire storage facility. Now, how do you do it? Key Agriculture can provide a turn-key storage facility including a WIP Drain floor that captures moisture that moves the captured moisture out of the storage facility.