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To Revolutionize how the World Processes Minerals.


We are business professionals using technology and today's business tactics to implement change. We have an extensive background in providing value to customers both before and after the sale by managing projects thoroughly. You will truly appreciate Key Minerals tactics in helping you find solutions in growing your business. Developing processes to improve the bottom line is our goal every-day.


Passion is defined as a very powerful feeling. Key Minerals is extremely passionate about our customers' success!


Product, defined as a substance manufactured or refined for sale. Key Minerals is dedicated to providing products that customers need


People or person is not only a being that has certain attributes such as reason and consciousness, people are who we seek to help.


Key Minerals thrives in a team atmosphere, where together we can successfully deliver on all that we do with an emphasis on Passion, Product, and People. In our mission is the delivery of a complete solution of continuous flow processing (CFP) from start to finish, which takes passion to provide for all of our customer’s needs, driving down costs every step of the way. We bring extreme attention to detail from the microscopic mineral to the large pile making Key Minerals the low-cost repeatable solution. Process-driven technology, continuous flow processing (CFP) coined by Key Minerals is the heartbeat of our company.


Key Minerals provides imminent value from mine face to final delivery. We can provide the key to processing minerals efficiently. By thoroughly examining environmental effects and implementing measures to lessen these impacts, it is possible to make mining less damaging to the environment. Incremental efficiency gains will not do the job alone. Instead, an imaginative restructuring of the industrial world that aligns economies with the physical environment that supports them is the assured way forward. Incremental efficiency gains cannot do the job alone. Instead, an imaginative restructuring of the industrial world that aligns economies with the natural environment that supports them is the correct way forward. Mining can present a hazard to the environment, which in turn factors in on public safety but using Key Minerals helps to build innovative infrastructure that can harvest reusable materials that a mine inherently wastes.

Water is essential, and the clarifier developed by the process engineer’s division manufactures are high capacity which separates fine particle solids by adding a treatment polymer to the incoming slurry from a cyclone, screw classifier, sand classifier and/or stormwater. The polymer attaches to the solids in the slurry causing them to clump together and gain enough mass to drop out of solution via gravity. The mud settles to the bottom of the tank and is raked to the center where a thickening cone maximizes slurry density before being pumped out. As the solids settle out, rising current of clean water is collected in an overflow weir. These systems recycle over 90% of the water in the system for future use.

Utilizing stationary and portable drainage solutions, the WIP Drain division develops products to reduce wet stockpiles keeping moisture levels minute throughout a pile of minerals. Customers no longer experience waste as moisture reduction recovers the water utilizing gravity. Powerful use of natural Hydraulics is utilized with gravity while water passes through minerals and uses WIP Drain technology to draw out moisture from the pile. Not only do we do that efficiently but we recover the water from the piles so it can be reduced lowering the cost of production. Key Minerals reduces costs as work in process WIP. The pile drains utilizing the minerals quicker, so customers don’t have to keep large stockpiles and have a smaller footprint. WIP Drain has drive over panels that allow for good traction for a quicker delivery time of payloaders and a variety of different containment systems for capturing runoff diminishing negative environmental impact. WIP Drain is essentially more than an environmental technology, it’s an integrated apparatus lowering your cost per ton. It’s a product that generates a return on investment in an accelerated period. The ambition is to become stewards of processing and stewards to the land through water recovery.

Key Minerals is dedicated to educating the world to implement new technologies in all mining practices. Our goal is to create long term sustainability for every country. We are looking forward to a long-term commitment to teaching our target market the best solutions to reducing environmental impacts and driving a low cost of manufacturing. “We are committed to delivering a complete solution to continuous flow processing (CFP) from start to finish.”

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