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Our Environment Matters Most

Good Stewards

Key Minerals has long understood the need to be good stewards of the environment along with its resources. As industries create new advances in technology, we do our part in that effort. The long-term return on investment is significant when utilizing our floating cover installations to reduce evaporation by greater than 90 percent, and eliminate 100 percent of blown in sedimentation on fresh water ponds, frac ponds and lagoons.

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Innovative Water Recovery System for Water Recycling and Harvesting

WIP-DRAIN provides local harvesting of critical water in sustainable volumes where existing water supplies should ALWAYS be recycled.

Solving the Water Crisis

WIP-DRAIN solves the water delivery drawback by capturing millions of gallons of recycled water to required areas, providing maximum water utilization.

There is a decent quantity of fresh water on a global scale. Still, because of uneven distribution (aggravated by climate change) leading to some very damp and some very arid geographical increase locations, plus the sharp increase of international freshwater demand in recent decades driven by industry, humanity is facing a water crisis.increase locations, plus the sharp in international freshwater demand in recent decades driven by industry, humanity is facing a water crisis.

Industries, manufacturing, mining, and agriculture use trillions of gallons of water from the aquifer to make and grow products for sustainability. By reusing the recycled water, these industries can now sustain themselves by turning wastewater into usable water, which can be reused for many purposes. Irrigation of farm and agricultural fields or replenishment of surface water and groundwater can now be reused without overstressing the aquifer.

The private sector typically handles water as though it were abundant, despite many widely documented droughts in recent years. Manufacturers have no idea how much water they consume nor where that water comes from or where it goes. A leading cause of ecological destruction is the over-depletion of water from rivers, reservoirs, and aquifers, impacting local communities' prosperity worldwide.

WIP-DRAIN has collected millions of gallons in many mining operations already and should be in place at all processes that have stockpiles resulting from wet material. The mining industry contributes to effective water use, and each location should have a WIP-DRAIN to recycle water to be used at their site. Any product that would go to a dryer from a stockpile should be the first location to have WIP-DRAIN as the water is being evaporated, causing C02 emissions that pollute the air. This water should be captured and recycled with innovative WIP-DRAIN. We like to put a focus on these locations as WIP-DRAIN can benefit both water and air clean-up.

Many regions suffer from excess demand for the storage of both surface and underground water. It is well known that many historically drilled aquifers are driven to chase non-exclusive water sources deeper and deeper. WIP-DRAIN solves local water issues by capturing runoff by rain or snow as a full containment water recycling solution.

Protecting Our Future​

Do You know what an Aquifer is?

An aquifer essentially is a geological layer that is water-saturated and quickly releases water to wells or springs for use as a water source. Often called groundwater reservoirs or water-bearing formations, when excess precipitation (rain and snowfall) is retained in the soil, aquifers are formed and replenished.

Aquifers are a massive storehouse of Earth's water, and in their everyday lives, people worldwide rely on groundwater. The water table is called the summit of the surface where groundwater exists.

One of our precious aquifers of many that are starting to run low is the High Plains aquifer covering eight states and carries nearly 3 billion acre-feet of water. The aquifer could run dry in less than 50 years from now. If the aquifer is shallow enough and permeable enough to allow water to flow at a fast-enough pace through it, then individuals dig wells into it and extract water. Excessive pumping lowers the water level so much that the wells go dry and no longer supply water to our communities. There are many of these aquifers all over the world that supply drinking water to human beings.

Did You know that Our Aquifers are Running Out of Water?

Refilling the aquifer is a prolonged process that can take thousands of years to refill aquifers at depth, as groundwater flows gradually through the unsaturated zone and the aquifer. Aquifers are being artificially replenished from other water sources worldwide, but this process causes shortages from aquifers worldwide, eventually depleting our global water supply. Aquifers are no longer refilling to keep up with the growing population's demand and the increased need for animal-based protein and industrial production. We must start storing our water and recycling to prevent future water scarcity.

Why are Aquifers Important to Key Minerals?

What Happens when the Aquifers are Depleted?

Groundwater, most of the time, has been safe to use. However, germs, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and chemicals may contaminate groundwater supplies and downstream freshwater. These issues can affect our groundwater that can contaminate our drinking water, eventually depleting our water supply. Key Minerals has a WIP-DRAIN product that captures harmful chemicals from entering the water supply. We believe in recycling and reusing water instead of sending our most precious resource, freshwater, downstream or letting it evaporate. We Care About Our Environment, and We Care About You!

What happens to the Wildlife Exposed to Chemicals?

Toxic chemicals and metals entered into the environment from our waters ultimately absorb into animals’ bodies. Toxins from the water are accumulated in higher concentrations by animals that are consumed in the food chain.

Not only can chemicals absorbed from the water supply destroy wild animals and livestock, but they can also damage animal hormones, influence behavior and reproductive capacity. Furthermore, while most pesticides break down quickly, some pesticides break down slowly and remain for a long time in the atmosphere. We should store and recycle our waters that are prefiltered from minerals to recycle and reuse.

How Key Minerals Can Initiate a Sustained Solution?

Polluting our Environment must Stop!

WIP-DRAIN™ is answering the problem by delivering a passive draining structural floor apparatus. We protect our waters in industrial processes and mining by containing and reusing water. By doing this, WIP-DRAIN also reduces C02 emissions when a dryer is utilized, creating cleaner air. Prevent runoff from occurring with our full containment industrial drain. The drain captures solids on the top and rapidly dewaters them, allowing all of the passing fluids to be stored and reused in lined ponds.

WIP-DRAIN is used to line the riverbanks and streams to prevent pollution keeping dangerous chemicals from entering our water supply and our most precious wildlife.

WIP-DRAIN permits fluids to be captured and recycled, efficiently reducing the damages our agricultural techniques may cause from runoff. WIP-DRAIN prevents runoff at large ports from products stored that can run into and pollute our waters. It is time to take a stand, be a steward of the environment, and implement Key Minerals services to capture, contain toxic fluids, and recycle water. If you need to drain your stockpiles and recycle water to stop depleting our aquifers and infecting the environment, we have the answer.

WIP-DRAIN installation in an industrial facility

When washing aggregates, you see the black drain that all the aggregate is piled on, allowing water and chemical to be captured and sent to ponds behind the WIP-DRAIN. The free-flowing water is recycled and reused in the process instead of running off into the environment or downstream. All the processed aggregates created are sent to a dryer. WIP-DRAIN reduces the stockpile moisture, significantly downsizing the stockpile's size needed for production and reducing the C02 emissions generated to evaporate the products being processed. WIP-DRAIN is a revolutionary product that contains and recycles water while providing the mining industry a greener carbon footprint. All industries using water for an industrial process or mining should be using WIP-DRAIN. By using WIP-DRAIN as an industrial revolution, producers now recycle water instead of depleting the aquifer of millions of gallons a day.