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As President of Key Minerals, a world leader in sand washing plants, processing solutions, and minerals, our core values we pride ourselves on are Passion. Product. People. There are only benefits of utilizing experience and our niche is fine sands and minerals consulting with an extensive background in CFP (continuous flow processing). Driving efficiency and lowering the bottom line is a pillar to a successful business. We want to pass our knowledge and culture to you and the industry. We understand the products and principles that will provide the most value to customers that utilize high-quality Silica Sand to greatly enhance market share in any given Basins. We also understand the key to success in processing a wide variety of minerals with our accumulative three decades of experience. We’ve engineered and recognized many processes presently common to virtually all proppant and aggregate processing that appears to waste energy, increase cost, and show no evidence of increasing EUR from treated wells. Our approach to precision gap grading proppants is second to none. This allows us to utilize this technology in processing many minerals. Drying the minerals to specific moisture, (a step that greatly decreases costs and silica dust) is our key goal as well as any other tactics in delivering high quality and safe products. We’ve consulted with numerous producers to help implement changes to reduce their bottom line. Our partnership with R.T.D Enterprises and WIP Drain, a world leader in drainage, water recovery, ponds, lagoons, landfills, floating covers, drinking water reservoirs to name a few brings you more turnkey solutions as well as Key Engineering, a world leader in mineral processing (portable and stationary), water recovery, pumping systems, high capacity clarifiers, polymer delivery systems, automation, water treatment systems, design, and manufactured solutions. We bring our vast portfolio of experience and services to you so that you can focus on your business, while we handle the legwork. Let our experience of successful executives’ experience in all aspects of organizational and operational management leading large complex organizations handle the decision making, strategic business planning, permitting, research and development, exploration, project management, requirements generation, and financial management. Key Minerals is adept at customer relations, media relations, public speaking, recruitment, and staff training. We are enthusiastic, charismatic leaders with excellent verbal and written communication. We are looking forward to working with you to drive your business to success! Jacob L. Baumler

United States Dealer Territory

United States Dealer Territory

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Key Minerals can provide imminent value from mine face to final delivery. We have the ability to provide the key to processing minerals efficiently. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact us and let’s discuss how we can help your business be more profitable.