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Key Minerals

We Lower the Cost to Manufacture Minerals by Implementing CFP (Continuous Flow Processing). Key Minerals put an extensive focus on our customers' environmental footprint and how their operation affects the environment. Recycling Water, Containing Chemicals, and Reducing the Carbon Footprint is Our Passion! Our committed team has a combined industry experience in service and specialized solutions with over 100 years of experience. Our organization will do whatever it takes to deliver quality products on time. Our team will find a solution that will work for you.

We Manufacture High Quality Products!

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We provide quality materials and experienced labor force


WIP Drain Solutions

We Care about our Environment. Our "Work In Process" WIP-Drain is patented passive draining structural floor apparatus . WIP-Drain is a water recovery device that can rapidly dewater products in stockpiles. We can filter and recover minerals by separating them from water and fluids. Our systems are stationary and portable, offering customers great diversity in water recycling and recovery.


WIP Box Solutions

The World's smartest growing systems offer full containment and recycling of water, nutrients, and fertilizers. The essential WIP Box and Smart WIP Box revolutionized the growing industry. WIP Box is the Key to sustainable growth now and in the future. WIP Box has automated water and fertigation systems that can recycle the plant's unneeded water and provide engineered development.

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Key Engineering Solutions

We are the group you want on your team. We implement continuous flow processing with environmental practices to make you more money and protect our water and air. We look at new and existing processes and help drive smart principles of processing to save hidden costs. You will be amazed by our team's dedication and knowledge. We are committed to reducing your carbon footprint.


Key Agriculture

We are dedicated to long-term sustainability in growing plants and maintaining responsible agricultural practice from seed to final loadout. We believe in recycling water from run-off and keeping waters downstream clean and unpolluted. Our passion is to create an environmental awareness for the industry and recycling water, allowing our aquifers to recharge by using recycled water.


Key Exploration Services

We have explored many places around the World and handled many minerals. We help find minerals and, most importantly, help find out how to process the minerals efficiently. We are a reliable, hands-on leader in assisting companies to uncover the Keys to Processing and Liberating Minerals. Our consulting services are productive and environmentally conscious of the use of water.


Key Dryer Solutions

Minerals, Aggregates, Fly Ash, Hemp, Biomass, and more! We drive costs down with dryers we supply and existing dryers in the marketplace. We focus on moisture reduction to the products before going to the dryer and saving gas expenses, causing extra C02 emissions. We implement better feed systems to eliminate many day-to-day hassles. We make your profits higher while being environmentally mindful.

Frac Pond Installation (780' x 780')

We Manufacture High Quality Products!

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We provide quality materials and experienced labor.


R.T.D. Enterprises

Experience in drainage, water recovery, ponds, lagoons, landfills, floating covers, drinking water, reservoirs, liners in landfills, wastewater treatment, lagoons, drinking water reservoirs, H-11 ponds and Frac ponds.



The World's largest industrial French drain and fully contained recovery system. WIP-Drain drains and recycles fluids rapidly. WIP-Drain is known for plants' intelligent growth and has many "Smart" functions that offer long-term sustainability.


Key Engineering

Experienced experts that design and install stationary or portable plants on the job-site—where it will be operated. Professionally trained engineers set up and fine-tune the equipment to optimum running performance.

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Key Minerals

Key Minerals is a division of RTD Enterprises to provide customers with a turn-key plant solution. Being well versed in water recovery, dryer solutions, complete stationery, and portable wet plant design and supply allows our customers to expect an unrivaled experience. A proficiency in mineral processing and implementing new technology to change how things are done drives efficiency and provide a low-cost product in every step of the sales process. We are business professionals using technology and today's business tactics to implement change. You will truly appreciate Key Minerals tactics in helping find solutions in growing your business. Developing processes to improve the bottom line is our goal every-day providing services throughout the World. We actively participate in the design process to maximize the longevity and effectiveness of our installations. Provide the installation of floating covers on potable water reservoirs and frac ponds, thereby drastically reducing the amount of water lost to evaporation. We are one of the few geomembrane liner installers able to construct floating covers that eliminate 90% of evaporation on freshwater lagoons and oil and gas frac ponds. For over thirty years Key Minerals team members have been leading innovations in continuous flow processing, reducing operational costs, and minimizing the environmental impact of mining globally.


Key Minerals will help find your mining source and identify the minerals particular qualities. This means we will tell you if it is worth mining or not. Once this is determined, we can help you identify the proper equipment needed to produce the mineral to a saleable product. We are the key to processing your minerals with success! Our niche is frac sand and mineral consulting with an extensive background in CFP (continuous flow processing). Driving efficiency and lowering the bottom line is a pillar to a successful business. Key Minerals can help you implement our fundamentals to drive victory for you, effectively lowering the cost per barrel and price per ton.


Key Minerals pursues the objective of carefully monitoring the prevailing mining tradition stating the mining industry will be forced to confront new ways in which a company can improve its efficiency by seeing exactly where the organization is lacking in terms of sustainability and green mining initiatives. A core focus is on a process of heap leaching. It is the extraction method for low-grade minerals, involving copper, gold, silver, and uranium. The process is a revolutionary technology experiencing impressive growth over the past processes. There are many negative environmental concerns with heap leaching centered on the failure to keep process solutions within the heap leaching circuit. The discharge of toxic heap leaching fluids into the environment can affect the health of the surrounding ecosystem. Key Minerals effectively stops the seepage of fluid into the earth.

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Mark W. Mellott Project. Manager Chester Engineers

Steve Patch, P. E. Sevee & Maher Engineers, INC. 

John F. Gier Plant Superintendent Easton, PA City of Easton

Jeffrey A. Hallett, P..E. Project Manager H. E. Sargent, Inc.

Mel Damewood Ill, P.E. Water Engineering Manager. Eugene Water & Electric Board

John M. Sturgeon Senior Project Manager H.E. Sa gent, INC. 

Eric D. Crawford Pesident Zeta Technology, Inc.

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